For the foreseeable future I am not taking on any new patients 




At your first appointment, which takes about one and half hours, a full case history will be taken to understand your health concerns and treatment needs. At this appointment you will have a single diagnostic and balancing treatment. 


Follow up treatments, take 45 minutes to one hour, and are ideally on a weekly basis for the first 4-6 weeks. Subsequent treatments thereafter will vary depending upon your needs. 



your wellbeing restored

'My scientific brain questions how acupuncture can work, but although I cannot explain it, I feel the benefit. I have noticed a significant difference following a series of treatments for S.A.D. I often use acupuncture as a relaxing treatment to provide an interlude from the the hustle and bustle of life.  Jill has a very calming presence and gentle touch and provides a peaceful and comfortable environment, which allows you to regain a sense of balance and perspective on life.'

'I have been seeing Jill for monthly acupuncture for about 18 months now, primarily for the relief of migraines. I am so impressed with her expertise and approach to the sessions and I always feel ‘looked after’ and safe in her hands.  Her interpersonal skills are excellent, and I also learn about strategies for daily living which is very helpful.  I would recommend her to anyone seeking a compassionate, skilled and professional and effective acupuncturist.'



'Jill has a very calm and professional approach which made me feel completely relaxed. After only one session, I felt the benficial effects of the treatment' 

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For the foreseeable future I am not taking on any new patients. 



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